Anna Keller

1879–1962, Basel

(reading: Beat Trachsler)

Over and done with

This glorious snow! And now, such horror!
Go, take a look,
how it muddies about the house.
It drips from trees and fences
A trickle runs on garden path.

And look - my snowman! Such a shame.
The broom slips from his hand.
He slouches, warped already.
Soon to topple.

I ug to believe it, yet it’s true:
It’s over and out for the year.


Hush! Mother calls.
What was it she said?
She but jumps for joy.
A ‘spring snowflake’, upright in the snow? 
She beams, as if a miracle had come to pass.


From: Christmas and Joys of Winter 1931