Hans Rudolf Schwabe (Urban)

1924–2014, Basel

(reading: Beat Trachsler)

The Wiese's dale

It’s foreign soil, yet all the same familiar,
and room there is as yet. Not as build up as
our Basle. People are the same as us
and talk as Hebel did. Consequently,
down in Stuttgart, they claim
the Wiese’s dale to be in Switzerland,
and it’s folk be buzzy, clean and stingy yet.

So, at times when in Basle I ache for
the Wiese’s dale and all its cheerful peeps.
To boot, I will admit, its very charm consists of
many a Wiese-dale inn
with its walnuts, half-fermented wine
and a hint of bacon.
From such a tavern you scarcely
can drag me away! …