Yves Bisch

*1945, Habsheim

Yves Bisch used to be a teacher and Head of a primary school in Sierentz. He is famous and renowned for his works as an historian of primary schools, his numerous papers in different magazines, his speeches, his columns in Alsatian dialect and his books about history and Alsatian dialect. He is involved in municipal and community life. Appreciated on both sides of the river Rhine, he is a main contact for medias as far as life in Alsace is concerned.


All your memories
will give you when you’re  aged
roses in winter

At the hospital
you’re going to be grateful
for rain on the pane

In our heart bleeds
our alemannic gloom
yet fire still glows


After his schooling in Habsheim, he was admitted to ”Ecole Normale Supérieure” (Teacher Training College) in Colmar in 1963. He then worked as a primary school teacher in Sierentz and became Head of the school. He soon gets involved in recognizing and transmitting the regional language and culture. He has been a pioneer as far as french-german school exchanges have been concerned.

The researcher is well-known all over Alsace for his work as an historian of primary schools, and also as an author and creative mind in the field of Alsatian dialect.

The author extends his work as a teacher in getting engaged in different papers published in magazines, speeches in conferences, radio and TV interviews and programs. He works with University Teachers in Heidelberg, Zurich, Osaka, Austin and Wroclaw.

He creates the ”Elsassischa Advantkàlander” (Alsatian Advent Calendar), is cofounder of the Alsatian ”poet-paths”, the editor of a Dialect page in the ”Haut-Rhin Magazine”, dialectal columnist for the regional newspaper ”L’Alsace”, translator and proofreader for different regional authorities.

The writer and man of action took part to municipal life for 25 years. He is a member of different associations, such as: vice-chairman of ”Institut des Arts et Traditions Populaires d’Alsace” (Institute for Popular Arts and Traditions of Alsace), secretary of ”AGATE - Académie pour une Graphie Alsacienne Transfrontalière”, full member of ”Académie des Sciences, Lettres et Arts d’Alsace” (Academy of Alsace).

Yves Bisch keeps in close contact with his German and Swiss neighbours, on both sides of the Rhine as a ”Fördermitglied der Elsass-Freunde Basel” and also sits on ”Hebelbund Lörrach”.


Chronologie de l’Histoire de l’Alsace, Editions TSH, 2005

Chronologie de l’Histoire de la Suisse, Editions TSH, 2006

Chronologie des langues d’Alsace, Editions TSH, 2010

Ecoles d’Alsace, les leçons de l’Histoire, Editions du Rhin, 1996

Dr elsassische Strubelpeter, Editions Tintenfass, 2002

Dr elsassische Max un Moritz, Editions Tintenfass, 2003

10 Marle, vo de Brieder Grimm, Editions Tintenfass, 2004

Johr üs, Johr i Conseil général du Haut-Rhin, 2006

Les galets du Rhin (Anthologie) Editions du Lys, 2012

Petit dictionnaire insolite de l’alsacien Editions Larousse, 2012

Leçons d’alsacien1 & 2 Editions Journal l’Alsace, 2012/14


Mundart am Oberrhein 1&2 Elsass Freunde Basel

Prenons soin de nos aînés en alsacien Conseil Général du Haut Rhin

Horch emol ! Muettersproch-Gsellschaft


Prix de l'Académie d'Alsace, 1988

Prix Holdérith, 1993

Grand Prix du jury du festival des Alsatiques de Marlenheim, 1997

Officier des Palmes Académiques, 2008

Label ”Eco-Ecole” par le Conseil de l'Europe, 1995

Friehjohrschwalmalapriis, 2002

Bretzel d'or 2006, promotion Nathan Katz