Three countries “poet-path“

Our three countries, linked by the river Rhine ,are also linked by a common language. The alemannic dialect has been the common language with which people in Alsace, South Baden as well as Basel have felt at home since the Middle Ages.

The suggestive strength of the dialect to express attachement to the country, cross-border ties and brotherhood remains unequalled. The idea of this crossbording “poet-path“ germinated almost at the same time in the mind of people in love with dialect in France, Germany and Switzerland .

This “poet-path“ aims to celebrate the richness of the alemannic language.

Its creation became possible thanks to the enthusiasm of the authorities in Huningue (France), Weil-am-Rhein (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland) for the project.

A sample of works of poets from the three countries is to be seen on 24 signs situated on both sides of the river Rhine.

The high quality of the selected poems proves the vitality of the alemannic language.

“Im Dialekt kàt mer àlles üssdrucke, wenn mer's kàt“ In dialect you can say whatever you want, provided you're able to; according to the brothers Albert (1874–1930) and Adolphe(1874–1947) Matthis, founding fathers of the dialectal lyric of Strassburg.